1. Soap is harsh

Soap strips your skin of everything it can (good and bad) before you wash it all down the drain. The oil that naturally protects your skin gets washed away along with healthy bacteria, not just dirt. Your skin is left naked to fend off pollutants, unhealthy bacteria and the elements.

Extra virgin olive oil promotes your skin's natural barriers instead of stripping them away. Bathing in olive oil is a gentle way to clean dirt, sweat and odors off your skin.

2. Soap dries out your skin

Soap washes away your skin's natural moisture, oil. Without its natural oils, skin dries out and can become itchy and irritated. Over time, dry skin can become dull and scaly and can crack and peel. It's good to replenish your skin's moisture with lotions and creams, but its best to not wash it off with soap to begin with.

Olive oil adds extra moisture to your skin while leaving your natural skin oils in place, creating a superior barrier against the elements.

3. You walk in to buy soap, and walk out with: body wash, face soap, make-up remover, lotion, face cream, body butter, foot salve...

Maybe soap is a conspiracy by cosmetic companies to make consumers buy more products. There is a different product to do everything, but do you really need it?

Olive oil does it all! It cleans (good bye soap!) and moisturizes (no more lotion!) removes make-up, nourishes extra-dry skin, and reverses cell damage to keep your skin young and healthy. You can even use it in your hair in place of conditioner and products!